I sat in a drawing

I sat in a drawing Children psychics and UFO Children possessing special ekstrasensorny talents, quite often come into contact to aliens.

I and itself many times in the life met people from different corners of the Universe therefore at all was not surprised when at the age of eight years my son Niktozhe met newcomers.

I sat in a drawing room and looked video, and my wife Raphael dozed near on a sofa.

Nick and his big brother Greg strong slept in the rooms a floor higher.

For some reason that night all lighting in the house was switched off.

The unique light source there was a TV screen.

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It is impossible

It is impossible Though in Foma's messages there is no logic sequence, behind each his revelation I see remarkable intelligence.

And every time these revelations were for me surprise.

I can not tell that served as the passive channel for obtaining information.

I felt that Foma's reason where it was cooperates with my reason.

His ideas clothe in my words.

It is impossible to explain plainly how there was this communication, especially considering that I not so understand it.

I know only that we together tried to create something that any of us could not make alone.

You will find many wise thoughts stated both by authors of articles in this book, and Foma.

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Development Not for nothing say that children seize everything hurriedly.

Development of sight began after the birth and will last within several years.

Already till the birth development of understanding of human speech began, and further development will last for many years.

Formation of emotional and social development generally occurs within the first months of life.

Impellent skills start to appear after the birth and are improved for many years.

Unless it is possible to present, what by th week of life the child is completely ready to perception of a foreign language The kid as a sponge, it is capable to absorb in itself all information surrounding it.

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It gives

It gives More often problems of parental souls have something in common with problems of soul of the child.

It does not mean at all that they have identical tasks and they can amicably go on life, solving them.

More often their tasks and experience which is necessary for receivinEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONdifferent, but, being crossed, they create certain problems for each other.

It gives the chance to aggravate situations and to push to the solution of space tasks.

That it for tasks, about it other book.

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In what it is expressed

In what it is expressed it is a question aboutthe immutable law which conducts us to a homeostasis and Balan sou, harmonies.

However we do not catch, we do not feel it, on to that that we act exactly the opposite.

In what it is expressed Call signs of this force freely a trance on a love wave, and we broadcast on a selflove wave.

As a result, we continually would like to use the variousparts of the general system to itself on advantage, instead of under harmony, without neglecting anybody.

We are closedin themselves and consequently we can not catch the Nature wave.

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